mandag den 8. december 2008

Where did the weekend go??

This weekend really went by fast. Saturday morning the three of us went to Stor Bøgeskov (a really pretty forrest with a natural spring). I had to shoot a familyportrait for a friend, but it was really foggy and I'm sorry to say that the pictures are not my best. She is comming tomorrow to take a look at them...

The spring

Their dog - not mine

Later saturday we went to that christmas-circus for two loooong hours. Benjamin just didn't have the patience for that. Later Anna picked me up for a fun night of scrapping. I made 4 pages, but never used my new Dozen kit - I think i'll save it for this years christmas photos. Anna drowe me back home at 2 in the morning....
I have about 7 scrap pages i haven't posted yet - i'll do it tomorrow, can't take pictures in the dark. 

Sunday i made  appelpie, muffins and buns for our guest and we all had a really nice couple of hours. Hope they feel the same way

And spite all the activity, the picture above is all i can show.

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