onsdag den 15. oktober 2008

Looking at the bright side...

I need to be happy, I need to se the positive side of things. I get jealous when i read about people who get all excited about a rainy day, a bag of red apples or a pretty second-hand fork. I can se why they are excited but i can't get that same feeling about those little things- but i wish I could. I think I will try to deside that those little every day things will absolutely make me happy, instead of seeing all the obstacles. I will look forward to getting a real job (teaching-job or something else) instead of being really tired of my current student-situation an enjoy all the days at home i have right now. I will try to embrace alle of the challenges my education is giving me. I will be a happy mom!

søndag den 12. oktober 2008

How lucky am I?

I was given a really great gift today from an old lady who is a friend of the family - my father has known her all of his life and I think care for her as much as for his own mother. She is one of those people who is always satisfied and happy about her life. She has a great memory and loves to tell stories about her life. Infact she is writing her life story in little notebooks and the Danish national Museum has actually borrowed one of the books to copy. My parents visited her today and when she heard how much I love to take pictures and about my Holga camera, she went into the attic and found these beauties :-). And now they are mine to keep.
The oldest one is a Kodak 120film camera - I have already loaded it with film - and i don't even know if it really works - but i think it does - so much fun.... (my dad think this camera must be at least 80 years old)
The other one is an Canon, my guess is that it is from the fifties. I think it work as well, haven't tried it yet. It is a pretty heavy camera - must be a good quality. The both have really nice leather cases/bags. Well that's it- just had to brag. 

fredag den 10. oktober 2008

Brain melt down

I have been so busy lately, there has been no time og energy to blog at all. A lot is going on, though nothing to write about. It's all about school work - even thoug i actually no schooldays left this year. Next week we have a fall-break and after that it's 4 weeks of work at a privat-school in Tølløse (together with to other girls from my class) above all that we all have to write our Bachelor. So Benjamin is not one of the lucky kids who is going to stay home with mom and dad all next week. He is getting only thursday and friday off. Thursday he is going to the zoo with my parents and my sisters youngst daughter, Mie (if it is not raining - let's hope not). And friday it is just me and him. Any fun suggestions?

Brian shot these pix about a week ago. Great fall weather. (and a smiling cow)

fredag den 3. oktober 2008

Two new pages

Just wanted to share to new pages, actually they are about a month old, but I paticipated in the september challenge at Dreampapers.dk. I did not win anything, but i am happy with them anyway.
This is Ingeborg - she was my grandmothers sister - 
she looked after me when i was little, when my parents was working
This is my father - I think the picture was shot in 1979 og 1980 
- just love the colours in this one.
(the paper is from Basic Grey - Offbeat collection)

onsdag den 1. oktober 2008

Yeahh I won!

I actually won a scrap challenge! Don't know yet what I won - but does it really matter much. I won!!!! It was at Scrapsisters.dk 
This was my LO