lørdag den 27. december 2008


I've been honored with two awards from Julie.

the Superior scribbler award

and Love your blog award

Still don't know who to pass them on to, but i will figure it out.

Thank you Julie

A little project for a grey day

I love white tea - especially this kind, in the pyramid-shaped teabags...AND the boxes it comes in. I while back i decided to decorate one. This is not a step-by-step tutorial ( you don't even need one, it is really easy), just some photos i shot along the way.
I imagine if I had a studio (or just a little tiny room - which was all mine) i would make more of these for scrap supplies and such. I would also make a really cute giftbox.
The papers are all from Graphic 45.
Have fun!

fredag den 26. december 2008

Christmas 2008

This years christmas cookies 
Vaniliekranse - Jødekager

Kamille and Signe came by

Christmaseve at Farmors

25th of dec.
Playing with daddy

Going to the playground

Today we are going to vist my parents and have "julefrokost" (Christmas lunch). My old (91 years)  grandmother was suposed to be there to, but she broke four toes yesterday, so they drove her home. I don't think she will be here next christmas...so i'm a little bit sad that i didn't get to spend any time with her.

mandag den 22. december 2008

New scrappages

Fall 08

Signe and me (10 years ago)


Benjamin fall 08

"Me and mommy"
"little"-Christmaseve  07 (23/12)
"morning-playtime" 24/12-07
Christmaseve 07
A trip to the farm with Benjamins daycare -summer 08
Benjamins 1st birthday (2006)

Benjamins four christmases

I got this idea from from Rachel

December 05
December 06
December 07
December 08

torsdag den 18. december 2008

I looove my christmas tree...

Just a quick picture of my tree (our tree, i know..) I think it is just beautiful, and just the way i like it. (pictures are really bad - took them just a little while ago - with no light or flash)

My pretty vintage santas - Benjamin hung them all close together  - i like it!
And a little peek at Benjamins kindergarden photos. He is just so cute in these.

It all looks like we are still spending chirstmas eve at Brians moms house, they will both (his mother and sister) wear a nicotine patch...