onsdag den 12. maj 2010

bad blogger, i know...

It is not that nothing is going on in my life, for some reason im' just not blogging about it, I'll try to make amends.

  • My pretty niece got confirmed (is it really called that in english?). She was really beautifull and didn't look like a little bride, like some of the girls tend to do. 

Vi gave her this Margurit (daisy) necklace by George Jensen, and she loved it.

  • We began to get our house ready for sale, even put up this wallpaper on one of the walls in our livingroom.

This is not our livingroom, though. The weather is so bad, that it is really to dark to take picures in right now. But the wallpaper looks great in our house too. I just love ferm livings products.

But in the process of makeing it all look pretty, we decide (again) not to sell and went back to the plan of making our house bigger and renovating it...

  • Together with a friend, i bought an I-top-tool, it is fun to use, and truely does make pretty little brads. But the video is just hilarious

  • Took a suprice mothers-day portrait of that same friends daughters

  • This is what i got for my mothers-day present (or at least it should arive in the mail on friday...can't wait). Isn't it cute?

  • And last but not least we are making a dream come true for our son on saturday, by finally taking him to LEGO-land. He letteraly stod on his head in the sofa when we told him. 
This photo is four years old - Lego has always been a favorite. (please don't notice the messy bed in the background).

That is it for now  - plan to enjoy a long weekend.