mandag den 13. december 2010

Back to basics...or maybe just danish...

I have made the switch back to danish - find me here:

søndag den 26. september 2010

Christmas is getting closer - I can feel it

I know it is really early to talk about christmas, but I just saw this "adventsstage" at Groovybaby and mama it is from Rice - I just thought it is funny how much it looks like the one i made last year. I would still like to have one though...

lørdag den 18. september 2010

First iPhone post...

Had a really nice and relaxing day yesteday. Bought a lot of fabric, had lunch with my sister and Benjamin, bought a birthday gift for a dear friend ( a big pile of scrapbookingsupplies, but don't tell)

Today, we paid for the first half of our new kitchen, can't wait to be done with the house.

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lørdag den 4. september 2010

our house

We have been really busy around here, tearing down most of the inside of our house, and slowly rebuilding it again. The picture below shows where our old bedroom used to be, there was a wall at the corner, where you can see new bricks are being put in. It is hard to imagine but that's also where our new kitchen is going to be. The white wall is coming down as well.
A little peek into our new bedroom (behind the green blanket), which is almost finished ( It still needs a door a new window, wallpaper on one wall, light switches etc.)
...and apparently a dog helped with the renovation back in the early eighties...

lørdag den 7. august 2010

Summer lomo shot #3

I really love the soft look of this photo - in fact almost every single shot of this first roll of film, i put in my new, old Illford sportsman turned out great. I'm half through the second roll, can't wait to see the result.

fredag den 6. august 2010

Opened up shop

I have opened up my own little shop at, which is the danish version of etsy (without all the vintage stuff). And i sold my first thing yesterday - It feels good :-)

So far I only have a little childrens clothes in the shop, but hopefully it will grow with some photographs, paintings, Gocco printed cards and more sewn goods.

lørdag den 31. juli 2010

Summer lomo shot #2

Nyhavn - Diana Mini

fredag den 30. juli 2010

Summer lomo shots #1

I love the sky in this one. It is shot with my orange camera (the fruit, not the color, i'll show you later).

onsdag den 28. juli 2010

Love Liebe

I really love the beautiful things made by Susanne Liebe. I got one of her sweet little vases for my birthday, and I also got some birthday money from Brians mom, and i kind of knew right away that I was going to spend it on these sweet little birds.
Just look at the pretty packaging
They come in many different color - I love the light blue ones too, maybe I'll also buy them...

I haven't yet hung them un the wall, since our livingroom is basically torn down to the bare brick walls and concrete flor - not a pretty sight, but hopefully it will be soon.

mandag den 26. juli 2010

Happy birthday sis (2 days ago)

My sister turned 41, saturday. 
I made her this scarf, it is not perfect, but she loved it, so who cares?

mandag den 19. juli 2010

The only room... our house which is not in need for a total renovation. Allmost the rest of the house is going to hav all floors and inner walls torn out due to moisture. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will know how much the insurance will cover.
But we do hope to make this room bigger some how.

fredag den 16. juli 2010

Scrap LO's with my farvorite boy

It has been a while since i last posted some of my LO. Some of these are very new and some a couple of months old. It is easy to see that i'm still in love with all things Cosmo Cricket (and a little Sassafrass...)

torsdag den 15. juli 2010

Home again

We had a nice couple of days in my parents caravan. The camping site they chose this year is the same one my grandmother camped at for many years (until she was 86 i think). It was fun to show Benjamin the worlds best tree to climb in. It was know as the "king tree" among us "users". And off course he loved it.

Me, camping - 1980

mandag den 12. juli 2010

Going camping

...unfortunately not like this, but its going to be nice anyway.

mandag den 5. juli 2010

Diana Mini roll #1

These are some of the shots from the first roll of film i put in the Diana Mini. 

A little shaken, but still pretty
My birthday cake
This last one is of my dad and Benjamin, I think it is really sweet how much they look a like.

mandag den 28. juni 2010

fredag den 25. juni 2010


In an hour or so, it's my babys birthday (hope he is not waking up for the next seven og eight hours though). Can't wait to give him his presents - a new bike and some playmobile. The closest family is coming over for brunch. It's going to be happy day i'm sure

Allmost five year old pictures :-)

tirsdag den 22. juni 2010

I need to win this one

A really great give-away at Tusindfryd, go take a look.

Birthdays, owls and deers

Friday we celebrated both mine and Benjamins birthday (mine for the second time). It was a nice evening, great gifts, happy children, a walk to the playground, good food and cake. One of my best friends made me a pretty scarf, and even gave me a shirt to match. I also got at vase i've been wanting for a long time now. It is made by Susan Liebe, for some reason i did'nt take a picture of it, I will soon.
The scarf

Benjamin got a golf set and Lego

and maybe a girlfriend...

Last week i bought these pretty birds, they are from House Doctor. The are made to hold a candle on the top of there heads, but I'm not sure about that.

I also got these from a fleamarket, they were only 50kr (about 9$). The man asked if my husband is a hunter...

Can't wait for these to turn red and sweet.

Saturday is Benjamins actual birthday, and that is going to be the last party at our house this month. I'm not sure when I'm going to find the time to prepare for it. Thing are pretty hectic at work this last week before the school is out.