tirsdag den 23. juni 2009

Got my licens...

...I'm driving now!! :-)

tirsdag den 16. juni 2009

I am officially a teacher now

I had my final exam yesterday, religion. I passed with a fairly good grade, so I am happy.
Happy to be done. My boys gave me these flowers.

They also wanted to give me a new chair for my desk
(maybe just a chair - since i dont have one know)
But they were unsure which one i wanted
- I am too, what do think?
I'm leaning towards the Tolix chair - but i'm unsure about the color. I really want to put a lot of colors into our living room, but i don't know which!

This is actually the Eames chair I really (really really) want - maybe this color, maybe pink!!

The other day i had a photoshoot with this little angel - Elias
He was really easy to work with and so cute!

tirsdag den 9. juni 2009

My birthday came and went...

I'm 31! My birthday was yesterday. Saturday we had some family over for coffee and cupcakes (and appelpie and rhubarbpie also) - It was my first try decorating cupcakes like this, I think they turned out really sweet (tasted sweet too). I bought the roses here

torsdag den 4. juni 2009

I'v been gone for too long

It has been allmost 3 weeks since my last post so a lot has been going on. 
The 21st of may i went to "Livsstilsmesse på Ledreborg".
It is a really beautiful place, filled with lots of beautifull things (very overpriced things). The weather was ok, but not great, so i didn't take that many pictures. 
The carnival came to town, and Benjamin had his very first ride in the bumper cars. 
...and his very first ride down the big slide - the girl next to him is my best friends daughter, Kamille.

In-between all this i had to prepare for my art exam. Which meant making two Red ridinghood collages. In the process i learned (my self) how to embroider, I'm not sure I'm doing it right, but I am pretty satisfied with the result - see pictures below.

Yesterday was exam day, so i put up all the art work i have made in class for the past two years.
...and the exam project.

This is my Jim Houser paraphrase (yes also Red ridinghood)

The whole thing!

I past the exam, not greatly, but I'm ok with the grade.

Today we are going to a summer-party at the kindergarden! So i have just baked 40 pigs in a blanket...