torsdag den 29. januar 2009

Time flies, when you don't hold on tight.

We cleaned out my grandmothers little house, and i got some nice things to remember her by. Some jewlry, old photos and a lot of embroidery  threat among other things. I'll post som pictures another day. 
For now i'll show you some of my latest scrappages:

My very young but very cool dad!

A brand new me.

25th of dec. (1. juledag = first christmasday)

"one more time" (most of it made from "the Dozen" kit from January) 

The old childrensbook is my own.

I love Cosmo Cricket!!

"lovely" (more cosmo love)

tirsdag den 13. januar 2009

You will be remembered Farmor!

My grandmother died yesterday night. She was 91.