tirsdag den 16. december 2008

I'm done

I have finally finished my project (and turned it in).
Christmas here I come.
We bought our christmas tree today, and decorated it too. Hopefully i can take som pictures of it tomorrow. 

I have to go buy the last presents tomorrow (still don't know what to buy for Brian), I also
promised my mother to go with her for a mammogram call-back....(they say it is just because the first pictures isn't good enough.) Then when i pick up Benjamin, him and I are going to visit
his old day-care. That's wednesday!

...also we have to deside where to spend christmas eve. The plan was to visit Brians mother (his sister and her to kids were coming too). Both Brians mother and sister, smoke very heavily.
Benjamin suffer from astmathic bronchitis and really can't tolerate any smoke, not even if they go outside. We asked them not to smoke the whole day (yes even before we arrive, which is necessary, because all the poison gets into the clothes and hair)....they refused to do so!!!! Apparently they rather want to spend christmas with their cigarets than their grandson /nephew. Brian spend over an hour on the phone with his mother, in the end she said she wouldn't smoke (i don't belive her!) But his sister wont pick up the phone. 

Now i really just don't feel like going, but i will leave it up to Brian, I know if his sister refuse not to smoke, we wont go (we went to a chek-up with Benjamin today and they increased his doze of medicin...which should be reason enough, i think.)

Is it ever possible to have a problem-free christmas???? (and I haven't even told you about an argument I have had with my sister)

If you love pretty things, take a look at this blog "everyday beauty", it might just change my mind about using pastel colour at christmas (i'm a red-white-gold-silver-kind-a-girl, as most danes i think ( i know we are not all girls...) - unless the want their home to look like a catalog and go all black and purple this year)

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