torsdag den 23. juli 2009

To many projects!

I bought a quilt tutorial from Rachel, and i started last night, cutting all the little squares. Allready I'm straying....hers is 6x6 squares, mine is 8x8...
I'm still not sure this is how I want the pattern...what do you think?
I do love all the vintage fabric, and it has been hidden away in a box for too long.
Brian made dinner (again), and it was just yummy, even thoug I'm not a real cheese-lover. He even baked the bread. The dark one has sun-dried tomatoes in it. Yum again.This fantastic machine came in the mail today, my very own Gocco printer. Really can't wait to get started. But i feel like i have to have just the RIGHT piece to print, so i won't waste any supplies. It's going to be so much fun.
Tomorrow my big sister is turning 40, and we are going to surprice her with not one, but two little surprice parties. We are coming for breakfast, which she doesn't know, of course. Then when she thinks it's all over, we are all coming again for dinner. All credit must be given to her husband, he is the mastermind behind all this. He even bought the present from all of us, a new bike.

mandag den 20. juli 2009

Just a little scrap

Some new LO. No doubt about it, Cosmo Cricket and Sassafras Lass is my favorites. See more of my LO here.
The baby is me!

Benjamin is playing "camp".

That's me again.

Two year old pictures of Benjamins daycare coming for a B-day visit

Me once again - turning 31 this summer

Here is the new wallpaper

I really love it, i would just wish that his room was twice as big.

onsdag den 8. juli 2009

A little bird told me - challenge -home made paper!

On the "a little bird told me" blog they have a monthly challenge, this month you have to make your own paper. This is my little project, i used colored pens and glimmermist to decorate my paper. This is also one of my favorite photos from springtime this year.

I also used, thickers, Love, Elsie stickers, vintage childrensbook page, colored tape, paper lace, Hambly rub-on and Dymo tape.

mandag den 6. juli 2009

My "baby" is four

Benjamin turned 4, at the end of last month, we had a great day in the garden with a lot of great food and a lot of chocolate(-pirate-)cake.
"maybe it is a little bit dangerous?"
The closest thing to a smile
The cake - Ahoy Matey

A post from the birthday boy (if he could write):
Turning four changes a lot, it definitely makes you feel a lot bigger. You only wants to take showers, sitting down in the tub is for babys. You will no longer have the use for a smaller fork og spoon, the grown up kind is much better, even if you spill a little. If you feet is in the way, it is because the have grown over night. You will say, to you grandmother, something (that will probably come back and bite you later on) like that you will never misbehave again, because big boys don't do that.

You WILL remember that your mother told you 6 month ago that you had to be four to play at IKEAs "Småland" (supervised playground - while parents are shopping) and you WILL know that she is lying when she now tells you that you have to be five, and therefor you WILL make the rest of the trip through IKEA a living hell for your parents.

But you won't be to big a boy to tell your mommy that you love her almost everyday and you will always know that she loves you too!

We put up wallpaper on one of Benjamins walls today, it looks really cute, no photos yet, coming soon.

This picture (from his birthday) is a good before-shot, please don't notice all the mess, the room is actually not much bigger than what you see, the picture is shot from the door, so a little toys look like a lot. I have been trying to convince him to put away the big Pooh and Tigger, but he is not liking the idea.

This is the wallpaper we put up. we just have to get rid of the Mickey lamp... (I think he is ok with that...)