mandag den 1. december 2008

This day went by so fast

I've been busy all day and now it's allmost 11 and i've have only deleted one line on my to-do-list...laundry! I just wanted to share some pics from saturday. My sister and niece came over and we alle made christmascandledekorations. I dont know if it is only a danish tradition, but this is the way me and my sister starts chistmas. I think we have done this for the last 7 or 8 years. We always do it the fourth sunday before christmas or earlier, because we have to have the "adventskrans" ready (4 candles in a cirkel...well not always in a cirkel, this year mine is in a wooden box. You ligth one candle each sunday in december before christmas.) Then I always make one with a "kalenderlys" (a candle with the numbers from one to 24, then we light it every morning) and then at least one with just a ordinary large candle. 

Benjamin even made two - let me put it this way - he wasn't afraid to try a lot of different decorationspieces, as you can see in the pictures below, and it only took him a fraction of the time it took us to be done.
Benjamins decoration, pretty good for a three year old.
This morning Ben thought the kitchen was a bit to cold, so he looked like this while opening the first present from "nissen" 

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