fredag den 2. april 2010

What have I been up to?

On the 20th Nick and Maria got married - and I shot their wedding photos. You can't tell by looking at the picture but she is 8 months pregnant.

The 21st was Benjamins last day at gymnastics - and all the parents was invited to come and watch all the different teams. Before we went, Benjamin asked me in relief, if doing this final show meant that he never had to go back...two days later he told us that when he grows up he wants to live in a cabin in the woods..all alone. I wish i knew how to get him to be more social...

On the 23rd this little girl turned 14 (picture is from 2004)
She is my god daughter  - and is all ready turning into a little woman.

We painted eggs a couple of days ago. I ended up sitting on the kitchen flor alone, since Benjamins interest quickly went away. The funny looking poodle is actually a lamb. (if you were wondering about the clothes he is wearing, which he has obviously out grown - it is just for painting in!)

...Benjamin rather wanted to play in his room, which his father and I had spent several hours tidying.

Seven years ago we spent about a year doing this
And know we are actually dreaming about buying this house, which means doing it again in two and a half the amount of space

Today Benjamin got his Easter egg, the chocolate hare is from his grandmother.

Last but not least - take a look at this great giveaway over at sunshine and carousels

Hope you have a happy Easter