torsdag den 18. september 2008

All the things i should be doing...

I'm sitting here eating springrolls and drinking coke, relaxing, browsing the net. Before that I organized all my scrap papers by colour. Before that i scrapped a little, (can't show you yet, it was another one for Dreampapers ) And before that i send of my son to kindergarden, and my Brian for work...and look at the time! In an hour and a half i have to go pick up Benjamin and have i done any of the things i had planned? No - not even close. So this is my to do list for the rest of the week:

1. Homework: Make sketches for a painting, actually a paraphrase - im not sure if it is called that in english, but what it means for me is that i have to take a well known painting and then either use the same motif, expression og method and create a new picture.
like this:

This is the picture i chose:
I'm still not sure what to do with it.

2. Study for the my written drivers test, which is just around the corner (and I am sorry to say, I really suck at i)

3. Find a subject for my bachelorpaper - I am think digitally photography - but i do not know what to do with it. - And I'm meeting my teacher tuesday to talk about it...

4. Saturday I have yet another weeding assignment  - which will take most of that day.

5. Sunday - my mother-in-law is comming for a visit! (!!!)

And i had actually hoped that i would have gotten some cleaning done, and maybe baked a cake or bread for when my best friend and her children a visiting this afternoon...but i guess not!

I will finish this post of with a really sweet picture of Benjamin playing in his (tiny) room:

lørdag den 13. september 2008


I've actually been scrapping a little, i've made three new LO, one I've allready told you about and this one
And one i can't show you yet, because I made it for the september-challenge at Dreampapers.
It is so much easier (for me) to scrap when I got a sketch. The one above is never the less made without a sketch.

torsdag den 11. september 2008

My new desk and tasty muffins

My pretty new desk, made from an old dinnertable

Apples are being cut out for apple and cinnamon muffins
A proud little baker
The finished product, and the are really tasty.
I found the recipe here. (it is in danish)

onsdag den 10. september 2008

Scrap-a-mania - where my money went..

Dream street papers
Basic Grey - Offbeat
Basic grey - Dasher

I also bought some ribbons and paperflowers and some great retro christmas papers. And i think i spend about 300kr. Which is ok. We also saw this scrapbox,I have to say it got american written all over it. With the small houses we got in Denmark you have to have a very understanding husband to get one of these. And i also think that my supplies would only fill up 4 drawers. 

I have actually allready begun using the BG Offbeat papers. I took on the september challenge at . So i can't show my LO here yet, but you can see it here remember to vote for me :-)

And a sad story (for me). I have to go to the dentist today i broke a tooth yesterday, and luckily for me it its a tooth which i, a couple a years ago, got a root canal in (isn't that what it is called when they kill the root?), because of that i'm not in that much pain. All though my pocket is going to hurt when i have to pay for the crown the have to put on it (5000-7000kr) I could go on a two weeks vacation for the money or pay half on the camera a really want to buy, but no it all goes to one little tooth in the far back of my mouth (do i really need it?)

lørdag den 6. september 2008

It's been way to long...

OMG, it feels like months since i last posted something. My picture of the day project...what can i say, for the last month or so, i haven't really felt that inspired. So there will be a lot of blank post if I am going to follow through with it. I actually think that it will be as much of a challenge for me not to. I am the kind of person who hate blank spaces in a collection, I have to have it all... 
Right now I dont know, what i want to do, I am not going to force my self to post bad pictures (which has happened), just so i can post something. I must be better with just one great photo than five bad ones. 

What have i been up to:

I have started school again.
I been on a day-long wedding photoshoot ( A nice couple - Ulrikke and Søren)

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner 
And today i am going to Scrap-a-mania right here in my home town. Its a big gathering of scrappers and scrapbooking supplies sellers. I haven't been to Scrap-a-mania before, but i hope to get som great inspiration and to meet my E-mail friend Annika!
Tonight we are going to dinner at some friends house.

I allmost forgot to to tell you about the greatest thing, i finally got a desk in the living room and my sweet boyfriend made it for me out of an old dinner table, it looks beautiful and perfect for our living room. Going to take som pictures soon for you to see.
A new pic of Benjamin

That must be it for now. Will be back soon with some new pix and maybe more from Egypt!