fredag den 12. december 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can finnaly see the end of my Bachelor-project, I'm going to turn it in on Tuesday. Deadline is Friday but I'm going til Holbæk anyway on Tuesday, because benjamin is going to a check-up at the hospital, because of his astma. He was home sick Wednesday, so i did not get so much work done.
So sweet

I'm really looking forward to relaxing and thinking about christmas-stuff, and just having fun with my family. I did actually take photos of my scrapbook pages, but the turned out really bad, so i'll try again later. Now i'll concentrate on my school work, and just get it done, I actually really don't care anymore how it's going to turn out, I just want to finish...

2 kommentarer:

julochka sagde ...

so nice when the end is in sight! good luck getting it all finished!

smauge sagde ...

What an angel!