fredag den 5. december 2008

Not getting anywhere

Yesterday we went to a funeral. My mothers brother diede last thursday. He was very sick so nobody was surprised when he went away. I wasn't close to him and niether was my mother, in fact non of us had talked to him in a very long time.(that another story) But it is still sad for his wife and children (both grown-ups). Benjamin was at my mothers house afterwards, so Brian and I had the day to our selves. I know I should have been working om my schoolwork, but I am just getting nowhere - today I really have to put an effort into it...I promise.

I have a really busy weekend planed. Tomorrow at 10 I have a photoshoot  - a family portrait. They want the pictures taken in the woods, so Brian and Benjamin is tacking along and going for a walk while I'm working. At 2 Benjamin and I are getting picked up by my best friend, her mother and her daughter (who is also three years old) and then we are all of for a christmas-circus-show. When we get home at about 6, another very good friend of mine, Anna - the sweetest swed i know, is picking me up. Then we are going to scrap all evening at her place  (really looking forward to this - just got my kit from The Dozen )- then I hope she will drive me back home for a bit of sleep. 

Sunday morning I have to bake a cake or something, because a school friend and her boyfriend is visiting us for the first time (very first time for the boyfriend - first time for her as a real guest and not as a co-student - working on a project). It is going to be a great weekend....

Here is a few pictures of some of my favorite christmas decor, most of it from my childhood:

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julochka sagde ...

i wanna see what you made with the dozens kit! isn't it awesome!! we used a bunch of it on our christmas banner (which isn't finished yet, but i will post pix when it is).