mandag den 7. juli 2008

To-do-list, week 28

  1. Call our doctor and find out what vaccines we need to get before going to Egypt.
  2. Pick up film from my local photoguy
  3. Buy cheap 120film for our vacation 
  4. Paint wooden panels i my kitchen
  5. Pick up forms at the policestation for Benjamins passport 
  6. Scan film from my Holga, into my computer
  7. Buy brown buttons, for some of the childrens clothes i am sewing
  8. Use the buttons...
  9. Put the clothes up for sale on trendsales
  10. Buy and read book about Egypt 
  11. Write letter to my old (90 years) grandmother
  12. Make at least one scrap LO 
  13. Have fun with my boyfriend in the weekend ;-) Benjamin is not at home, and it has to be free or at least cheap (any suggestions?)
  14. Convert my blog into english...
  15. Stop playing with the Photobooth :-)
And so much more...

1 kommentar:

julochka sagde ...

excellent list! and you're writing in english!

where are you going to buy cheap 120 film, by the way? :-) i'll be happy to give you a few rolls of my really expired's regular B&W, not the kind that can be dev. in C-41. but it would potentially be WAY cool for luxor pix! just send me your address on email and i'll send you some. :-)