mandag den 7. juli 2008

Holga Holga Holga

My Holga wishes: A colored  Holga, purple, gold or pink (the blue one is nice too) :-), a Holga baby (110 film), how cute a they? (Hey Julie, wouldn't this Holga-cat be just right for your daughter ?)I would also like at polaroid-back for my Holga - but who knows for how long you will be able to buy polaroidfilm??

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julochka sagde ...

holga babies! how cute are they! i didn't even know about those! a new obsession, for sure!

surely there's polaroid film on eBay. :-) we need to comb the flea markets in jylland..surely over there there's some old, expired film and people who don't know what treasures they have. :-)

p.s. yes, the kids-looking one would be very cool for sabin. but she does have her penguin, you know. you can get one at kastrup on your way to comes with candy for benjamin and it's way cool!