lørdag den 19. juli 2008

Saturday morning blues

Why am I always feeling so restless on a saturday (and sunday) morning. From the moment I wake up, i can't stop thinking about how I'm going to spend my day. I get the feeling that if I don't do something I'm going to waist the day. 

My son feels the same way, the first thing he asks me saturday morning is " Where am I going to day Mommy? (kindergarten). When I tell him that the kinderarten is closed on saturday, he then asks me "where are we going then?" Like me ha can't just sit at home. Unfortunately my boyfriend feels the opposite, a perfect saturday for him is doing nothing outside the home (or garden). 

But lucky for me i about halfway through getting my drivers licens. I know Brian is looking forward to i too, then he will not have to go with me to the fabric store, the fleemarket, the library and so on. I wonder if we ever will se each other again :-)? But when i get my licens, i am diffinently going to go places on my own, being able to walk around in some store browsing at my own pace, without having both at child and an adult pulling my arm. 

But what are we going to do today, I don't know. Probably nothing, we have to save our money for our vacation, which is coming up soon (really looking forward to that, but geting a bit nervous about all the precautions you have to take, when going to Egypt)

...Brian just got out of bed, and one of the first things he said was, " I have been thinking about what we could do today, and I just don't know...."

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