lørdag den 6. september 2008

It's been way to long...

OMG, it feels like months since i last posted something. My picture of the day project...what can i say, for the last month or so, i haven't really felt that inspired. So there will be a lot of blank post if I am going to follow through with it. I actually think that it will be as much of a challenge for me not to. I am the kind of person who hate blank spaces in a collection, I have to have it all... 
Right now I dont know, what i want to do, I am not going to force my self to post bad pictures (which has happened), just so i can post something. I must be better with just one great photo than five bad ones. 

What have i been up to:

I have started school again.
I been on a day-long wedding photoshoot ( A nice couple - Ulrikke and Søren)

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner 
And today i am going to Scrap-a-mania right here in my home town. Its a big gathering of scrappers and scrapbooking supplies sellers. I haven't been to Scrap-a-mania before, but i hope to get som great inspiration and to meet my E-mail friend Annika!
Tonight we are going to dinner at some friends house.

I allmost forgot to to tell you about the greatest thing, i finally got a desk in the living room and my sweet boyfriend made it for me out of an old dinner table, it looks beautiful and perfect for our living room. Going to take som pictures soon for you to see.
A new pic of Benjamin

That must be it for now. Will be back soon with some new pix and maybe more from Egypt!

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julochka sagde ...

do tell all about scrap-a-mania! i'd love to have gone!