tirsdag den 25. august 2009

A new blue baby

It has been over a month, so i thought i would share a little about what i have been up to, which is not very much.

I started on my new job, which is hard - teaching 4th grade!
But it is getting better and easier, along whith the kids getting to know me and I them.

The school where i work, is a small school in the coun
tryside, so i had to get a car...and how lucky am I, my very (own) first car is also one my absolute dreamcars.
A Fiat 500
Here is my little blue baby, isn't it just the cutest little thing? I would love to get fluffy white clouds on the sides of it...
The inside - also blue :-)

I would love to get family portraits taken - whit a 50's-style picnic theme, like these. Of course with the Fiat in the background.
I just love these photos from LIFE, shot by Leonard Mccombe, se more here.

This picture is from my sisters wedding in 2007, (shot by me). I would like to get one of the old ones, one day, maybe a pretty pink one...
Last but not least, the first thing on my christmas list a Dianamini, also small, cute and blue, would be perfekt for the new car.

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