torsdag den 23. juli 2009

To many projects!

I bought a quilt tutorial from Rachel, and i started last night, cutting all the little squares. Allready I'm straying....hers is 6x6 squares, mine is 8x8...
I'm still not sure this is how I want the pattern...what do you think?
I do love all the vintage fabric, and it has been hidden away in a box for too long.
Brian made dinner (again), and it was just yummy, even thoug I'm not a real cheese-lover. He even baked the bread. The dark one has sun-dried tomatoes in it. Yum again.This fantastic machine came in the mail today, my very own Gocco printer. Really can't wait to get started. But i feel like i have to have just the RIGHT piece to print, so i won't waste any supplies. It's going to be so much fun.
Tomorrow my big sister is turning 40, and we are going to surprice her with not one, but two little surprice parties. We are coming for breakfast, which she doesn't know, of course. Then when she thinks it's all over, we are all coming again for dinner. All credit must be given to her husband, he is the mastermind behind all this. He even bought the present from all of us, a new bike.

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Kamana sagde ...

hi there! i just found you and am loving all the creativity here! i've been thinking of making a quilt and have even got the materil for it, but havent got so far as planning it out.