søndag den 12. oktober 2008

How lucky am I?

I was given a really great gift today from an old lady who is a friend of the family - my father has known her all of his life and I think care for her as much as for his own mother. She is one of those people who is always satisfied and happy about her life. She has a great memory and loves to tell stories about her life. Infact she is writing her life story in little notebooks and the Danish national Museum has actually borrowed one of the books to copy. My parents visited her today and when she heard how much I love to take pictures and about my Holga camera, she went into the attic and found these beauties :-). And now they are mine to keep.
The oldest one is a Kodak 120film camera - I have already loaded it with film - and i don't even know if it really works - but i think it does - so much fun.... (my dad think this camera must be at least 80 years old)
The other one is an Canon, my guess is that it is from the fifties. I think it work as well, haven't tried it yet. It is a pretty heavy camera - must be a good quality. The both have really nice leather cases/bags. Well that's it- just had to brag. 

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julochka sagde ...

love the kodak! i saw a similar one the other day, but restrained myself..can't wait to see if yours works! i've been reading on flickr about people who buy such old cameras and find that there's still film IN them!