fredag den 10. oktober 2008

Brain melt down

I have been so busy lately, there has been no time og energy to blog at all. A lot is going on, though nothing to write about. It's all about school work - even thoug i actually no schooldays left this year. Next week we have a fall-break and after that it's 4 weeks of work at a privat-school in Tølløse (together with to other girls from my class) above all that we all have to write our Bachelor. So Benjamin is not one of the lucky kids who is going to stay home with mom and dad all next week. He is getting only thursday and friday off. Thursday he is going to the zoo with my parents and my sisters youngst daughter, Mie (if it is not raining - let's hope not). And friday it is just me and him. Any fun suggestions?

Brian shot these pix about a week ago. Great fall weather. (and a smiling cow)

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