onsdag den 20. august 2008

Home sweet home

We returned to Denmark thursday evening. Tired, but happy to be home. My sweet mother had filled the fridge with all sort of great stuff: milk, butter, jam, rugbrød (very dark bread- which i think is only eaten in Denmark and Germany - not even our swedish friend Anna likes it, but my oh my, we love it, especially after a vacation abroad), leverpostej(another danish food - it is made from - hold on- the liver from a pic, sardins, different herbs, onions, flour and more which i can't remember. It sounds disgusting, and i think if children actually new what was in it they would not eat it, but we all just love it (allmost all of us) - i guess that "liverpaté" is to be found in other countrys as well, but i don't think that anybody in the world eat the amount of the stuff that we, the danes, do.) Oh well, i will stop the food talk now, though it was nice to sit in our own sofa eating rugbrød with leverpostej.

We had a great trip, though i am not sure i will ever return to Egypt. I would love to see more of their ancient relics, but i kind of got enough of the egyptians. More about that later.

Soon i will post som photos from our vacation.

Just happy to be back online...

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