onsdag den 20. august 2008

Dagens foto: nr 59, 6. august

The streets of Luxor

The photo of the day is actually a serie of pictures taken mostly from a horse carriage. We felt a bit like intruders when he drove us through the local market and the people there had to move their items away from the street. Egypt is a colourfull place but also very dirty and poor.

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julochka sagde ...

wow!!! you got some seriously great pix!!! are they on flickr so i can comment individually!! it's actually hard to pick which ones i like best--they're amazing!!

i always have trouble photographing random people, but you did great!!!

julochka sagde ...

i just wrote a quick post, linking to your fab pix!! :-) hope you don't mind!!

Janni sagde ...

Hi julie

Thank you for the kind words. I don't mind at all that you linked to my pix, it actually means that two persons saw them. So thank you for that.

I'll try to put them on flickr soon.

They are allmost all just "shots from the hip" (or actually from my lap) :-)


tangobaby sagde ...

Hi Janni!

Your photos are AMAZING! The colors and the richness are wonderful. You have given me a very nice little vacation today.

ps. I found you through Julochka.


Janni sagde ...

Hi Tangobaby

Thank you. And welcome. Hope to see you back for more mind-vacations. (will post more pictures soon)