søndag den 7. marts 2010

New additions to my forrest family

Yesterday I went to a fleemarket with my mother and found a lot of sweet little animals, afterwards I made a cake called hindbærsnitte, for the first time, I baked them a little too long but the tasted ok anyway.
My favorite
This one I think I'll spraypaint, don't know what color
another favorite

there is a little gold left on this one

I'm trying to ignore the fact that this is actually an ashtray 

and finally a group photo

My first hindbærsnitte

In the evening I had the biggest fight with my sister ever, over a really, really stupid thing. She started it offcourse, and I still don't think that I'm to blame in any way. We were all invited to eat at my mothers, and my sister made it clear that her and her family (her youngest daughter anyway, because I think her husband really didn't care) wanted to watch a bingoshow on tv (and play along), my boyfriend and I made a little fun about it a couple of times, and suddenly she just blew up, and yelled at us about it, even my mother said some stupid things, about how we (my boyfriend and I) always have the tv on at home, I was surprised angry and yelled back at my sister, but she just kept on going. As allways my father did not say one word. We stayed for an hour more, and after i got home i realized that the saddest thing is that i actually don't care, I'm not angry, I'm not sad, I just couldn't care less about her right now...

4 kommentarer:

julochka sagde ...

oh dear, sorry about the fight with your sister. sometimes those things happen and you never really know why. :-)

but i LOVE the top little deer you found! did you go to the blåmarkedet in haslev for those? that's not too far from you, is it?

Janni sagde ...

No it is not far, but that one is from a market in Ringsted Kongres center, which happens once a year. It is really small not worth driving for. But at least i found a few good things.

Oh sisters, what can i say...if we do what we have always done in my family, we will not talk about it, try to forget it and then it will go away all by it self (my father actually said that once...) and then we will pretend once more that everything is allright.

Erin sagde ...

that cake looks pretty and your animals are so sweet. I only have a unicorn and a deer in my collection so far. I also have some hedgehog candles from anthro.

julochka sagde ...

i thought of you the other day when i was out looking at the house we're trying to buy, because i was walking around the yard and tripped over a little brass deer that was lying in the lawn. he would be a perfect addition to your collection.