søndag den 28. februar 2010

My first quilt is finished

...and I'm really satisfied with it. I began the project in Juli, so it was about time to finish it up, it only needed the binding, but I know that I'm not very good at that, so I wasn't looking forward to that part. But it turned out OK. I Used a tutorial from the talented Rachel Denbow, which was very usefull.
The front 

The back

It measures  approximately 47x36 inches /115x90 cm, and is made out of vintage sheets, a vintage dress, and a couple of new fabrics. 

3 kommentarer:

julochka sagde ...

love it! and even more that you used vintage fabrics! i always leave the binding way too long too. it just seems to take forever! well done!! you should definitely add it to a bunch of the quilt groups on flickr. you'll make lots of new friends that way. :-)

Janni sagde ...

Hi Julie

Thank you! I didn't even know there were quilt groups on flickr, I'm not surprised though. Maybe I should do that, are you member of one of the groups?

Love your new coat by the way :-)


julochka sagde ...

there are loads of quilts, just look at my favorites, click on one of the quilt ones and look at the quilt group names. "fresh modern quilts" springs to mind, but there are many others.