fredag den 22. januar 2010

a long visit from new friends....

....came to an end today.

I got the first Twilight book at christmas, and just now finished the fourth one. And i really don't care what everybody else thinks, i love this story. There, i said it!

Hopefully i now means that i am back in the world of sleeping, photography, scrapbooking and so on.

Speaking of scrapbooking...a lot of new "must haves" from my two favorite brands in the scrapbooking world Sassafras Lass and Cosmo Cricket

Lovet it, Love it, love it

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♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ sagde ...

I love it to and I don't care about what people might think.My mother likes the movie and she would probably read the books,but she doesn't have the time.I really don't see the problem... :)