mandag den 16. marts 2009

Spring time and a new Nikon

I have a new friend, this baby below (just the house though) . 
Love the sound it makes and the big screen on the back. I know we are going to get along very well. Brian just brought it home one day. Looove him
Ever since i got it, it has been cloudy and raining outside, so i haven't really been shooting alot. But i can't wait to really test it.

Spring is here. It is very few springflowers we have in our garden, so i had to take a couple of pics of them. 

2 kommentarer:

julochka sagde ...

ahhh, a new nikon in spring. heavenly, isn't it? definitely want to hear how you like the D90! :-)

Just Jules sagde ...

I have camera envy! first julochka, now you... sigh