torsdag den 26. februar 2009

Is it possible...

...that nothing is happening in my life?

I feel this month has gone by really fast, but this past week...not so much. Benjamin has been home all week. He threw up twice the night between friday and saturday, and again saturday morning. Then he was fine until sunday afternoon (lucky for us. Because my parents had to watch him from Saturday until sunday). Sick again monday morning,Tuesday he was ok, Wednesday he had an eye infection, tomorrow he is definitely going back to kindergarten.

Tomorrow I'm going with my sweetheart to Aarhus, he has a businessmeeting, so I'll have to spend a couple of hours alone. I've only been there once before...I think i need a map!

Don't know what more to tell, will be back soon with some new scrappages!

A total random picture - taken in the fall, with a 100 year old Kodak camera!
(I actually don't know if i've posted it before)

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