søndag den 29. juni 2008

Mine forældre

I just thought I would share this great photo of my sweet parents. It's from the 7th of June. That day we attended my cousins wedding in Næstved. There was a little break between the reception/tjekinn at the hotel and the party, the spare time was spent at the ice-cream shop.

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julochka sagde ...

hej janni!

du har lige besøgt min (or is it mit?) blog and asked about the gocco printer.

i'm afraid that i bought my gocco in the Philippines and i have no idea where i'm gonna get supplies here in DK!! i just bought a whole lot of light bulbs and inks and things when i was there and the lot of it, plus the machine cost me about 800DKK.

i can see you have a HOLGA! how cool is that!!! i have a Diana+ and a Fisheye2 and, oh, yeah, an Octomat. and yesterday i just scored a bunch of expired 120 film at a loppemarked in Lyngerup.

jeg bor i frederikssund. du må godt email mig på jknachti(at)gmail(dot)com.

vi snakkes ved. :-)